Film photography is it dead?

Film photography is

it dead?

The answer is NO!

Film photography has been slowly making a comeback even in this digital age! 

Where taking photographs is so easy with all the new DSLR’s which are constantly being released with camera’s being able to shoot up to 36 mega pixels. 

Even with all the latest technology you still can’t beat the feeling of buying a roll of film and unwrapping it and placing it in your film camera and going out on a shoot with only 36 exposures it makes the day more of a challenge! 

Shooting with film makes you think about every shot you take!

From the minute you eye up a shot you are constantly thinking!

Have I got the exposure right am I using the right aperture for the effect I want to create!

As there are no second chances with film it is all or nothing!

In recent years the sale’s of 35mm film has slowly been rising!

 With the likes of pros and amateurs reverting back to their old cameras.  

There are even students who have been brought up using DSLR’S buying film cameras for the pure fact of looking at old photographs taken by legends like Ansel Adams and many other Photographers. They have realized they can not create the look or feel of 35mm film.

Kodak investigating bringing back Ektachrome!

With Kodak releasing that they might be bringing back one of the all-time greats Ektachrome and it might be the start of many comebacks. It excites me and many other film photographers to the fact that..

Film photography is not dead!