Amateur Photographers view of the Isle Of Man TT

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Isle of man TT 

Guy martin during practice on his superbike. at the Isle Of Man TT

Guy Martin during practice on his superbike. at the Isle Of Man TT

Hi, there welcome to my view of the Isle of Man TT.

The plan with this post is to show you places that I have been to watch and also photograph the TT races. The key to getting sharp photos is not all about having a 5 grand camera or a really expensive lens (It does make a lot of difference in image quality tho) it is about location and technique. Finding spots to photograph are really quite easy around the 37.7-mile course but finding the perfect spot is extremely difficult!  It all depends on the weather (which on the island changes very quickly!) the lighting, and if you can pan or capture them at the crazy speeds as they fly past.


Isle of Man TT Quickfire history!

        • The racing takes place on the Snaefell Mountain course which is 37.7 miles.
        • The Isle of Man TT is a Time Trial Event.
        • The Isle of man TT is held over a two-week period. The first being practice and the final week being race week!
        • The main race of the week is the Senior TT.
        • There are five different classes that ride over the mountain section. They are Superbike / Supersport / Superstock / Lightweight and Sidecars.
        • The current Fastest lap recorded around the isle of man TT is 16 minutes 53.929 seconds which is an average speed of 133.962 Mph which was set by Michael Dunlop! 
        • The king of the mountain is currently Joey Dunlop with 26 wins! 



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Back To The Photograph Spots!

In this next section, you will see images at spots that I have visited. All of my Images are taken from a spectator’s point of view. ( I haven’t unlocked the Power of the photographer’s vest yet! )  There are many places to view the racing from on the island so I will update this list every year with new spots. I will be adding new content and images from this year’s TT. 


Ballaugh Bridge

The key to getting a good spot here is to get there early and I mean around two hours early! Then the next step is to keep your spot before and whilst the barriers go up as this is a very very popular spot! I stand on the side with the spar shop. I try and stand just in front of the island but it is quite a way back because of the barriers so a zoom lens is needed.

Ballaugh bridge 2017

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Isle of man TT ballaugh bridge 2017




I stopped off here purely by accident this year the plan was to watch a Kirk Michael but it was rammed so I carried on and just past the garage I found a field on the left with two grandstands and a big tent which was cooking up burgers and selling tea and coffee which was perfect. This was practice week so the grandstands where free I got a spot and thought not a bad spot for viewing but then i noticed people sitting on the bank next to the road so I jumped down and got myself set up. It isnt the best spot for photo’s but for viewing it was amazing and i highly recommend it! 


Rhencullen 2017

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Rhencullen just outside Kirk Micheal



Kate’s Cottage

Kates Cottage is a really fast bit of the track leading down to the Creg Ny Baa. I parked at the Creg and walked up (it is quite a hike if it has been raining it gets really boggy) The spot I sat in this year wasn’t best purely because I sat in the wrong place. I was sat just after the corner on the bank. All I  got to see was the corner which was still epic as they fly past super quick! If you do visit this spot I recommend sitting up on the wall as you get to see the riders come out of Keppel gate down through kates in to the Creg. 


Kates Cottage

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Kates cottage is in between Keppel gate and the Creg Ny Baa and has a good view of the isle of man TT course


Bradden Bridge 

Is a great place to watch and photograph. There are to churches you can access both but you do have to pay at both churches to watch the racing on race week. Both viewing spots have refreshments and toilets. I would recommend getting there early to get a good spot.

Bradden Bridge 2017

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Bradden Bridge 2017



Is an awesome spot to watch from I was the top of right opposite the church they were flying past. This is another spot you need to get to early as it fills up quick. there are toilets and refreshments.

Barregarrow 2017

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Barregarrow 2017


Sarah’s Cottage

Is a brilliant spot to watch and photograph from as you get to hear them come through and then exit Glen Helen Sarah’s cottage is the right-hander after Glen Helen with the likes of Hutchy and Dunlop creating sparks as they where flying past!

Sarahs cottage

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Sarahs cottage


Film photography is it dead?

Film photography is

it dead?

The answer is NO!

Film photography has been slowly making a comeback even in this digital age! 

Where taking photographs is so easy with all the new DSLR’s which are constantly being released with camera’s being able to shoot up to 36 mega pixels. 

Even with all the latest technology you still can’t beat the feeling of buying a roll of film and unwrapping it and placing it in your film camera and going out on a shoot with only 36 exposures it makes the day more of a challenge! 

Shooting with film makes you think about every shot you take!

From the minute you eye up a shot you are constantly thinking!

Have I got the exposure right am I using the right aperture for the effect I want to create!

As there are no second chances with film it is all or nothing!

In recent years the sale’s of 35mm film has slowly been rising!

 With the likes of pros and amateurs reverting back to their old cameras.  

There are even students who have been brought up using DSLR’S buying film cameras for the pure fact of looking at old photographs taken by legends like Ansel Adams and many other Photographers. They have realized they can not create the look or feel of 35mm film.

Kodak investigating bringing back Ektachrome!

With Kodak releasing that they might be bringing back one of the all-time greats Ektachrome and it might be the start of many comebacks. It excites me and many other film photographers to the fact that..

Film photography is not dead!