In my bag and editing software

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In my bag and editing software

I am going to start off with the fact that the selection for what I take in my bag on a shoot is always the hardest part of preparing for a shoot.

like many photographers picking what to take with you all depends on where you are going and if you have to walk for ages till you get to your destination.

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and not having the right equipment.

Then there are the days you take everything and hike for miles with all your gear and only use one lens and a tripod and the rest of gear is wasted and you have just hauled it over Dartmoor for no reason!


Underneath is what I try and take with me all the time.

The first thing I check is I have my camera and the batteries are charged! 

There is nothing worse than getting half way through your day and all your batteries are flat! 

My current camera is a Nikon D610. It is a cracking full frame camera and it is surprisingly light for its size.

My first go to lens when I am out shooting landscapes is my Nikon AF-S 16-35mm it is a great wide angle lens and produce’s pin sharp images.


My second lens, if I want to isolate a subject in the landscape, is my Sigma DL Macro 70-300mm

This lens is great for making a landmark stand out in a landscape image or It is also great for them rainy day macro shots!

My third lens is my Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1.8D Prime. 

This lens is brilliant for those landscape shots where I don’t want to go to wide or zoom in too much.

Shooting with my 50mm prime is the equivalent of the human eye which is great.

With it being an F1.8 means I can get some excellent images even in the low light.

The lens is also brilliant for night time star shots!

I always carry a coking filter set to attach to the end of my lens to help with exposure or to create smooth silky water during afternoon shoots.

Let’s not forget the second thing every photographer needs and that is a Tripod! 

Which has many reasons for being in the bag but the most of the time it is there for you to rest your camera on and frame your shots and helps against the dreaded camera shake! 

My current tripod is a Manfrotto befree it is really light and great for carrying around.

Last bit of equipment but is most probably the third most important bit of kit is my Viltrox jy-710 Wireless long exposure remote.

A remote is always needed in most photographic situations to reduce camera shake and be able to open the shutter over the camera’s 30-second shutter speed. 


Here is a quick  list of my equipment I take in my bag and editing software.



  1. Sigma DL Macro 70-300mm
  2. >

Editing software

Editing software is what I personally think creates your image after you have got everything right in camera.

Some people will argue that using editing software is bad and everything needs to be perfect in camera and you are done.

I personally don’t think so as I like to take time with my shots and view photo opportunities as a way to try and picture what the end result will be.

This is where editing software like photoshop or lightroom lets me create the image I pictured when ! clicked the shutter button.

So when people view my images they get to see the image I pictured before I had even taken the image!

I currently am using the great Creative Cloud Photography plan which I pay monthly.

With the photography plan you get access to Photoshop CC, Adobe camera raw and lightroom CC which is always being updated and tweaked.

This is what is in my bag and editing software.

The main thing to take out of this page is to make sure you have all the gear you need in your bag.

The most important thing is

to enjoy your shoot and editing! 


I always have a happy shoot! If I have used all the equipment in my bag and editing software.




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