My Macro world

Welcome to my Macro world!

Macro photography is one part of photography that really does fascinate me!

I find it amazing that you can take an inanimate object and turn it into a fun session of photography.

Simply by taking a photo of a flower in a vase or putting some water in a bowl and adding water drops, you have hours of fun and hopefully, come out with a masterpiece!

My favourite thing about macro photography is the fact in can be done anywhere at any time.

living in devon where the weather changes drastically overnight!

You could plan your next landscape shoot. Wake up in the morning and it is foggy and raining and the shoot is ruined.

But you still need your photography fix.

This is where macro photography comes into play you have the chance to stay indoors and photograph anything you think would make a good subject for a shoot.

Even venturing outside when the rain has stopped is also fun to capture the water drops which are waiting to be photographed!

I also love the detail and sharpness of the shots you can capture when photographing the petals of flowers right down to last miniature detail!

Here are my current macro image’s


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