Photography budget, Do i need a expensive camera?

 Photography Budget

Do you need an expensive camera!

I know this has been written about a thousand times…

But I am writing this to put my views on this subject and like so many other photographers we have all started on a budget, whether that is a big photography budget or a small one. I personally started on a very small budget and had to work my way up until I got the camera equipment I needed and wanted.

Buying your first camera, Do you need a really expensive camera?


When I started my photography off I actually borrowed a Sony Nex 5 from my dad which had a kit lens on it and practised with that in till I got the funds together to purchase my first camera which was a Sony Nex 5 off of eBay for around £115. 

There are lots of different people with different views on the first camera you buy, a lot of people seem to think if you have two grand camera you will take amazing pictures…  That is not what will happen you will have a nice new camera but the pictures won’t be great unless you know how to use it!

This brings me on to the next group of photographers who like me understand that it is not all about the camera it is about the knowledge of how to use the camera and understand the basics of taking the photo which includes in my eyes learning manual mode and composition, I will just add there are many photographers who use auto mode and take some amazing photos it for me just doesn’t work. The point I am trying to get to is if you are wondering what camera to buy and you do have a small photography budget at least try and borrow one or have a look at some older cameras like the Sony Nex 5 or an older canon or Nikon unless your photography budget is big enough to buy the newest camera. You don’t need an expensive camera!

Here is an image that I shot on my nex 5 it creates some beautiful images! To this day it is still one of my favourites!
calstock viaduct at night

Calstock viaduct at night

The image above just points out the fact that you can take excellent photos on a cheap camera with a kit lens!

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